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Garden lawn mowers for every day gardens

Every garden needs a lawn mower

Everybody needs a lawnmower because it’s just simply saves an awful lot of time and makes things far more comfortable and the result is that you’ve got far more time for the home and family. Overall, there’s so many different lawn mowers out there and picking the right one can be quite daunting as well as understanding what you need in terms of the size and power for your garden and all of the different elements that come together to help you decide what you need to for your garden and in this article we’re going to go through exactly the best way to go about picking a lawn mower for your garden based on your personal situation and the current state of your garden.

Types of lawn mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are by far the most common and popular sort of lawn mowers you find yourself using these days because basically, battery power has improved so much to the point is considerably cheaper and more effective to have a battery cordless lawn mower. These are extremely convenient because you can just simply take them out the shed and don’t have to worry about any power leads or any of the other conditions, for example, that you might have from purchasing a petrol lawnmower; whereby you need to stop half way through because you run out of fuel! Overall, cordless lawn mowers are safe, cheap, and practical. Because of the cost of batteries considerably dropping, as the technology advances it’s a great choice. I’d say that a cordless lawn mower is the right way to go and in most situations of typical household gardens. Anyone with a typical size garden that’s say3 bedroom semi house with forty to sixty foot back garden is going to benefit from the purchase of a cordless lawn mower.


Lawn mowers: grass makes good compost

One of most amazing things about cutting the grass is the fact that you collect all of that amazing offcuts. These this grass breaks down and makes the most amazing composting because it’s so small it actually breakdown really quickly and it means that your compost heap will become fertile soil very quickly. Compost itself is extremely useful for the garden and grass is really good base for it. Grass is actually really good as well because the attract worms and slow-worms and other critters to the mix because it’s so good nutrient base so overall in terms of making compost the grass is really important.

Don’t let your grass get too long, keep the lawn mower to hand!

One of the most important things is not letting the lawn get too long because if you pick a cordless lawn mower for example, then it won’t have the power to cut it down. Make sure you can cut your lawn as often as you possibly can and this will result in having some of the best quality and most maintainable grass in any garden around the UK today.

Overall it’s a very simple thing to do. Just set yourself a time span of perhaps 1 to 2 times per week and then follow that through the summer. Be careful though, you don’t really need to cut the grass anytime after November and normally the First Cut again what happened in March. Overall this is a good plan and it will help you keep the garden in good shape.

Advantages of cordless lawn mowers

As already mentioned cordless lawn mowers are extremely advantageous because they’re pound-for-pound the easiest to use in best for every typical garden. It doesn’t mean that if you have an extremely large or small garden that’s the case however, and overall it’s just the cordless lawn mower is particularly good for most situations in the UK.

Something wrong with lawnmower

Corded electric lawn mowers cheaper

Whilst corded electric lawn mowers are cheaper there are actually quite a pain to use; you have to take a power cable and bring it in and out each time. This means if it’s damp or raining it’s actually unsafe and of course you need to be extremely careful because you could end up getting electrical shock. That said, they are actually extremely cheap and sofa many people on the type of guy you would go with the core electrical lawnmower because it’s just simply really handy. And also, one of the most common types of corded electric lawn mower out there is the Flymo. The Flymo is by far and away one of the cheapest and most powerful lawn mowers that you can find in the UK today.

Petrol lawn mowers the most powerful

Talking about the power, if you need power then obviously the go to is a petrol lawn mower. The big problem with a petrol lawn mowers, you need to store fuel it it and you may need to purchase the fuel which means that for example if you run out, you’ll have to go to the shop and that’s an extreme waste of time, but apart from that, if you’ve got a bigger or larger garden or you’ve let your grass grow too long then a petrol lawnmower is absolutely the right way to go because it will definitely give you the power that you need to get the job done.

One thing to be aware of the petrol lawnmower is there actually pretty good value for money and they can start from kind of like £100 or more. So they don’t have to cost a fortune.

lawn mower

Ride on lawn mowers for big gardens

Perhaps you have got an extremely large garden and perhaps that lends itself to a ride on lawn mower. You typically need something more in the range of at least half an acre of grass that you need to cut every way to justify the cost of a ride on lawn mower. You can cut grass easily with a ride on lawn mower, you can save a huge amount of time overall.

Overall my favourite is a cordless lawn mower for the garden if you’ve got a typical household situation but you need to take a look at your own personal circumstance for selecting the right lawnmower for you and your garden.