vertical garden

Vertical planting in the garden

Vertical planting is a great way to expand on growing space for any small garden, patio or balcony and it doesn’t necessarily mean using climbing plants to cover bare fences and walls – you can grow almost any plant to give a ‘green’ wall, or if filled with flowers a ‘colourful’ wall! A sunny wall or fence is an ideal place for growing plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers when you have limited space. In small gardens the upper part of the wall or fence will usually be the last part of the garden to lose the sun at the end of the day, or for that matter to gain it early in the day.

There are ready made vertical planting systems and plant holders available to buy if you want to create something instantly. We now stock the Eco plant holders, a simple device for holding pots on fences, and also the Verti Plant system which can be used in pairs, rows or even to cover a whole fence for big impact! Both are easily fixed to the fence.

Make your own vertical planters


Why not have a go at making your own vertical planters with recycled items such as wooden pallets, plastic bottles or drain-piping. Either leave them natural or paint them in colours to make a bright feature. This photo shows what can be done with two pallets and some pots to cheer up a fence. Fix the pallet securely to the fence, then line with plastic to make bags for the plants to sit in, not forgetting to add drainage holes.